I have worked with Traci for nearly 10 years. She is highly engaging, intuitive, and effective. She connects quickly and with ease to partner with clients in creating realistic corporate , personal & professional goals. She is compassionate in meeting people where they are, but also able to challenge people when they may need focus or redirection. I would never hesitate to refer someone for her service and I trust her implicitly.
— Mike, Corporate Trainer, Philadelphia
Traci endeavors to find the root cause of a problem and attempts to provide clarity to all involved in order to find a solution.
— Steve B., Philadelphia
Traci Mellinger is a no nonsense gal who, with a bit of humor, provides great guidance and direction. She looks you straight in the eye, cuts right through the B.S. and gets down to work. You really work together as a team to strengthen one’s whole being –and for that I thank her.
— Susan C., Radnor, PA
Traci has been an amazing asset to our company and to my own personal & professional development. It is nice having someone to go to for guidance, questions, and to run ideas by.
— Kaitlun, Detroit, MI
…She is not afraid to ask the difficult questions in order to help identify areas where improvement is needed. Traci has a great sense of humor and knows how to gently nudge teams or individuals in the right direction to make the changes they want to see.
— Kathy M, Atlanta, GA
Traci has led me to develop effective and often creative strategies to handle challenges that come up in both our team and our organization as a whole. She is very creative and has wealth of resources and ideas!
— Michaela M., Chester Springs, PA