Traci Mellinger is a Professional Consultant with over 20 years experience working with teams and executives in a multitude of settings across every industry.

Traci is an expert at creating strong and positive group dynamics. She designs living and viable corporate cultures and implements organizational structures that are foundational for success.

She also provides guidance to executives and helps companies identify potential leaders within their organization, developing leadership and people skills.

Traci has worked in a variety of settings on the East Coast from Large Corporations to Startups and Nonprofits. She is known for her work with Executive Professionals and Startups.

Her unique method of helping teams transition from strategic planning to execution for both long-term and short-term goals has proven lasting results. With an emphasis on helping teams to develop communication and higher level cognitive skills, any team can become an effective and dynamic team as they scale. 

Traci has a way of creating a fun, dynamic, and comfortable environment that easily motivates her clients to develop to their fullest potential.


What We Do

  • North Star motivates Groups, Cultures, and Companies to Build, Change, and Grow as they scale.
  • North Star’s approach provides a solid framework uniquely tailored to your organization. We identify, establish, and measure your company goals, structure, and culture. With clear precision, we will assist in the execution of all of these things to assure that they are a reflection of the core values of your unique organization.
  • North Star designs and customizes our services and matches our Coaching expertise to your needs.